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How To Travel In A Car With A Wheelchair

A car adapted for wheelchairs is an accessible car. Under this premise, vehicle adaptations are born for people with disabilities or reduced mobility.

Floor Recesses with Folding Ramp

It is one of the most common adaptations since it allows the access of a person in a wheelchair without the need to get off or make a transfer. It is only necessary to open the tailgate and activate the ramp to allow its entry into the cabin.

The floor recess consists of a modification of the vehicle. It allows you to gain enough space for the entry of a person sitting in a wheelchair. It is a convenient and practical solution. In addition, it is integrated into the design of the vehicle, being imperceptible from the outside. The only condition is that the car must be a van or minivan, not a sedan or utility vehicle. You must bear in mind that the interior of the vehicle must allow the entry of a person sitting in a wheelchair.

A great way to get around in a wheelchair is by purchasing used wheelchair vans in order to travel with ease and comfort.

Electric or Manual Ramps

If you talk about large cars or van types, one option to consider are electric or manual ramps. In the vehicles of average size you will have to combine it with a recess of floor to gain the sufficient space. For large vans we only have to install the fixings. The electric ramps allow you to automate the opening process, facilitating boarding and disembarkation. In this way it is also possible to provide greater autonomy to the user as it will not depend on other people to fold/unfold the ramp.